Extreme corporate events are perfect for those who have tried many things and have had experience in this matter. Events in Extreme style combine unconventional, sometimes complicated conditions. As a rule they are very interesting and informative training sessions, in which participants gain experience in solving unusual problems, developing intelligence and erudition, what let them look at the world differently.

During the event, we pay much attention to safety and we always secure participants. Each event is held with maximum comfort. Participants receive unforgettable impressions and get positive experience in a drive atmosphere.

Extreme-events provide an opportunity to make a coordinated and effective combat 'brigade' from any team, whether it is a group of friends, colleagues, or just good mates. When you feel your neighbour's strong shoulder, mutual support and team spirit, any problem is no longer insoluble.

To escape from the bustle of normal days and activities, to communicate in an informal atmosphere - all these you can do during a jeep tour, a regatta or a race. Our customers can try their hand at the car orienteering or urban Challenge, go off-road test drive at the proof grounds or special grounds. Master classes and rallies of extreme driving activate superpower energy charge, transforming each participant.


TOTEM Group specialists organize not only extreme  team building events and trainings with various types of equipment, but also activities covering the automobile sector as a whole:

  • presentations of automobile sales centres;
  • car presentations;
  • test drives of any brands, including Luxury and Premium segments;
  • test drives for customers and professionals, particularly for training of employees;
  • car adventures and quests of different genre orientation.

We will help you to think up quickly and effectively and implement your Extreme-event of any direction and format. Our knowledge and skills of experienced organizers and a wide range of additional services are all at your service!

Give vent to emotions, solve internal problems, unite to achieve the goal - feel the pulse of life right now!