Tourism, vacation, journey, holiday, travelling… These words excite a lot of pleasant emotions and transfer you to the faraway countries and places dear to your heart. During the trip each of us dreams to achieve harmony within him or herself, to fill up the inner world with new sensations. TOTEM GROUP tries to follow the innermost desires and watches clients’ preferences closely.

Understanding the aspiration to combine the pleasant and useful during the trip, to discover and to strengthen internal resources,
our company organizes exit programs for the purpose of personal and professional growth , the programs of health, individual tours and a complex of activities for children.

Programs and corporate tours help to change the inner world for the better at multiple levels: psychological, energetic, and communicative. While traveling, you improve yourself, go through new cognitive stages and solve painful problems at the same time.

One of the main areas of our work is organizing individual tours. We have perfectly mastered one of the most interesting parts of the world - Montenegro, the land with a rich potential. If you cannot define the preferences, the experienced managers will find the optimum alternative: the program, the hotel, the training, which is suitable just for your level of attainment, budget and other wishes.

Organization of the trip includes full travel administration: tickets, transfer, accommodation, excursions, trainings and programs of personal and professional growth in accordance with your desire.

Wherever you want to go, we will help you choose from many variants the one that fits for the solution of your goal, answers the purpose best and corresponds to the budget.

Events organized by TOTEM GROUP will leave only pleasant memories and a desire to work with us again.