In August of 2012 took an art picnic «ArtBoozing» for the company - the leader promoindustrii

The motto of the event "this summer watermelon will save the world" was not a random choice. Summer, freshness, sun - all the project's organizers have put in a fun and memorable celebration for our customers.

The event, held on the already loved by many, the design factory FLACON, had its attributes - green and black stripes. Maintain an atmosphere of welcome-drink as watermelon Fresh.

The entire program is celebrating subordinate watermelon topics: customers competed with each other in the game of "watermelon bowling" and eating watermelon on speed. Was crowded on the court for volleyball with a giant ball, darts, badminton, Frisbee and also enjoy genuine interest. For the most painstaking held a competition "watermelon carving."

The company's customers like to visit workshops on decorating mugs, umbrellas, watches and scrapbooking. The event ended a summing up, and of course, the massive eating watermelons.

August 2012