In January 2012 TOTEM GROUP organized an unusual event for IT - companies

Passage road on cars - what could be more interesting for the strong-minded men and brave hearts, who are not used to get bored and like to test himself in unusual situations.

The event opened the conference and at the same time present new IT-products for partners. Its members did not even know that very soon be able to get bright emotions and impressions.

"Automotive" part of the program was truly unique is the union of different classes of car - a sedan and SUV. Participants used the rare opportunity to try their hand at the wheel of such different cars in a very challenging environment.

Sunny, but frosty winter weather fueled the competitive spirit and at the same time maintained a resolute attitude. Day and really turned out a fine - 28 degrees Celsius.

Also, in addition to passing the obstacles to SUVs and sedans, the participants in the form of fotochelendzha acquainted with winter magic northern suburbs.

January 2012