Birthday largest restaurant chain was the "pirate ship", which became known to thousands of people a night club "Arma 16"

Pirates still excite the imagination and become characters in Hollywood movies. Around these colorful guys go Tortuga most incredible myths. Is it true that there are no women among the pirates? Is it true that the pirate drank a bottle of rum in one gulp and shoots well from the gun? Is it true that one-legged pirate of all dangers?

One of the largest restaurant chains decided to break down stereotypes and to understand the real history of piracy, which brought together all the pirates and pirate ship on the mystical - the specter of the club "Armagh 16."

The investigation began with a meeting of guests and test drive a pirate ship. Also worked at the club are very diverse pirate entertainment. Continued experimental festival competitions and practice: such as the creation of a pirate and a cocktail collection pirate gun. To understand the secrets of pirate skills helped lead to the image of the "mad scientist", which did not stop at nothing to learn the truth.

Experiments - experiments and ended the birthday of foam disco "At boarding!" With performances by the best DJs in Moscow. By the way, the participants were convinced that if there were pirates at the present time, they were as brave, freedom-loving and proud, as employees of the company.

July 2012