Sleigh ride with huskies, taste aromatic mead, to try to force a heroic amusements and play smart casino - all had two days to make the power company employees, to combine the celebration of New Year's Day energy.
Date: 12-14 December 2012

So, the first day of the company's employees arrived at the hotel, checked in and settled in the cozy rooms, dissolved in a magical atmosphere outside Moscow winter. All, without exception, guests do not have time to get bored, because recreation area was extremely well thought out: the players waiting for a platform for bowling and billiards.

Next, all of the expected opening gala dinner and quite extraordinary fun - "intellectual casino." If you've always wanted to be in an armchair expert, perhaps the most famous show "What? Where? When "then it hit right on target.

Employees of the company are located at tables divided into teams. Moderated intelligent team building professional presenter. Mysterious mood created attributes of transmission: a top, a gong, a "black box." After the results of the teams who won prizes were awarded prizes and certificates of participation in the game.

The second day opened the festivities "Energy new year." After a warm and invigorating at the same time to the general director team members showed their skills in various "heroic fun." Warmed up for the start on a fun dance workout, then the soul run and jumped into the competitive program, which resulted in the most powerful, agile and skillful received prizes. Flying fast and lean team of Huskies skated surprised staff.

It's time to eat and be entertained at the "Fair." Fairs, festivals were very tasty - a native Russian snack food and drinks: pancakes, pies, mead.

Grand closing fair engendered a gala dinner, attended by an entirely different staff - strong, united, lively and full of energy.

Opened the evening an extraordinary number Sand Animation, which was dedicated to the revival of energy. Masterly drawing pictures on a special sand screen just delighted the entire audience.

All the evening guests and participants of the energy of the New Year happy with excellent Gleyberman Eugene and the band «Jazz Friends», refined and elegant compositions created unique moire evening. Guests enjoyed socializing, having fun at famous songs super DJ, rested and shared their impressions.

All returned to Moscow a little tired, but energized for the whole next year!

December 2012