An unforgettable musical journey in the company of a child's favorite characters - yes, this was a birthday party for the November birthday girl in a restaurant NOA lounge & laboratory.
November 2012

At the time, romantic and bold cartoon frank influence of culture "hippie" 60's literally "exploded" the Soviet public. Cartoon heroes in our time very popular. Therefore, the birthday girl Elizabeth in her birthday took the ball, which gave her the day troubadour.

King did not just try to make a celebration, and organized a real casting the best actors. In the search for diamonds scenes King sends stewards balls in the yard of his Highness (and secret genius investigator) - in his role as host of the evening acts. So began an unforgettable musical journey.

Opened a spectacular evening laser performance which creates a festive mood. I must say that the guests at the ball were also dressed in fancy clothes: crown, bright shirts and ties, necklaces and bracelets, wigs.

Succession to the performances of the newly-made Princess and competitions. For example: the number of "Give something, map in hand" from the best magician in Russia Sergey Listopad, competition "Painting dietary Faberge eggs," The Princess and the Pea, "and so on. And then the guests stood, heard a gentle and touching performance of the famous song "golden ray of sunlight." The gift was presented to her husband of Elizabeth. Get exclusive room: and recording in a professional studio, and garlands of orchids in honor of couples, and special effects - all this will long be remembered guests of the evening, and most importantly - in the memory of most of Princess. Fun and enthusiasm added ball excellent artists: dance group "RIO RIO" cover band "SOYUZ". Fasten the effect fotovpechatlenie - print photos on the magnets during the event.

November 2012