"You want to throw your emotions? Draw "- as used to say once one of the famous people. Color therapy - a scientific concept, as, indeed, drawing, we get rid of negativity within you, focus on one and then find ways to overcome various obstacles.

Following the wise advice, participants, led by the famous artist and consultant, painted "a picture of success." This creative training took quite interesting: basically, in drawing men were actively involved. On a large canvas (1.4 x 2 m), stretched on the easel, the trainees worked on the creation of a joint picture.

As an introduction, the artist and consultant specialists acquainted with the basics of color therapy and asked to portray on canvas inner being and relating to a given topic.

The event felt a warm friendly atmosphere, and it corresponded to a musical scale. Paint, music, special emotional state - all helped create a unique canvas where "handwriting" of each participant.

The resulting image on "Waiting on a joint cooperation" was refined and transformed into an artist picture of success. Now the painting is decorated office.

March 2013