Automobile expedition to an abandoned observatory to IT - companies

Man of old directs his gaze to the sky. It reaches high milky way, are scattered across the sky fanciful constellation, tear and pierce the darkness of meteorites ... Get closer to the stars like in ancient Babylon, built a high tower. Participants also organized our expedition went the other way. They found a romantic, but the road is full of obstacles to the stars.

All familiar with the rules of driving on the roads, especially learned systems of Land Rover and have been driving skills in the column.

On the way IT-company representatives learned to overcome obstacles according roudbuku and on roads with different surface.

And now - the instruction and testing at the site completed, it is time to apply the skills to the passage of heavy off-road. Ah, is not easy way stellar strangers - must learn to cope with ropes and straps, shovels and chains, winch and jack.

At the end of the expedition, stood all tests and get to the star observatory parties have established a coveted flag company and were awarded prizes.

February 2012