Imagine that in the New Year's Eve you have to walk around in the dark "streets" of Chicago, where every window may stick automatic Thompson, and the Al Capone comes around the corner and say, "Mama Mia, sir, where have you been?"

For a well-known company involved in the supply of equipment and furniture for restaurants, hotels, corporate new year represented a kind of "danger." You probably alerted...

It is this atmosphere of juicy 30s was recreated in the park-hotel "Morozovka", host staff, dressed in typical costumes gangster period and the Great Depression.

For the event was designed special corporate style, full of appropriate symbols, prepared a special website and corporate newspaper, after the 30th - this time of rapid development of printing.

Mystic newsletter with a secret code alerted staff beforehand and literally obliged to keep the information in the strictest confidence.

So, in the first part of the employees of the company, divided into 'clans', going to a meeting. Clans, or as they are called in the 30's, the "family" are involved in various rides, contests and play. To perform each task is given a limited time, after all prizes are precious points in the form of play money.

Then counted the money earned - and the winning clan with all the honors forwarded to the awards ceremony.

In the second part of the film noir gangsters, his appetite is not dead, go to the gala dinner, where the New Year characters greet their desperate Gangsta Snow Maiden as Daphne and Josephine from the movie "Some Like It Hot." Stand-up tables are made by all the rules of the times "dry law": a cup with alcohol - whiskey (in tea), vodka (in water). Gangsters do not forget to exercise their skills in special gaming zones. For example, plenty to shoot at targets of darts, in the "zone of arrest" pictures with dice in his hands, and in the casino "Blackjack" playing roulette.

Surprisingly, specific and frank atmosphere costume 30s created a cozy atmosphere of mutual acceptance and partnership and respect among employees. Vivid and memorable holiday, called "war of clans," it will still be remembered as a real page from the life of real character of those times.

January 2013